Montclair Local: “Thank You Artists Everywhere”

It seems like a year since I last updated my blog about the release of THE JERSEY DEVIL, though its only been a few weeks.  Since then, I’ve been sheltering-in-place with my family, and so far everyone is healthy and safe and we were able to obtain an Easter ham.

You know how partial I am to ham.


Writing has been tougher.

Once I got my WIP out to my Beta, I was floundering on how to start something new. Partly, it was because I didn’t have any subject that I wanted to work on immediately. But mostly I think it was because I was having trouble concentrating.  How can you have the brain space to be creative if the bad news of the world is continuously bombarding you from every direction? As many have said, it’s hard enough to keep body and soul together.

Which is why I am so in awe of the artists who jumped right in to the fray, offering their works to the world in new ways.  I wrote about this for my latest for Montclair Local.

Check it out: Montclair Local: Thank You Artists Everywhere

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