New Publication: “Shocking Verbs, Lawless Nouns”

Cover of Shocking Verbs, Lawless Nouns, available January 1 on Amazon.

Me: Hey, blog reader! I have good news. Remember how 2020 sucked?

Reader: Mel, its December 31.

Me: Yes, but I’ve moved on! Like a chess player, I’ve read the play and am resigning the year so I can move on to 2021, and let me tell, for those who aren’t here yet, its already looking really good. Why?

Because my first publication for the year is dropping January 1.


Seriously, I am super pleased to announce that my short story “Souls of the Dead” is included in SHOCKING VERBS, LAWLESS NOUNS, available on Amazon January 1, 2021. This collection has everything: fiction, poetry, prose… Historical, sci-fi, literary…

And more importantly, its a show of force from my writing community here in Bucks County, PA. I cannot say enough about the support, strength and inspiration I’ve found from my fellow local creatives. Plus, they are all so freakin’ good!

So please, check us out January 1 in e-book (free if you have Kindle unlimited) or, if you’re old school like me, paperback.

2021 is already looking up.

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