New Publication: “The Lion’s Bride” in The Coil

Who doesn’t like a little Bronte fan fic?

I am so pleased to share my latest publication with you! I was lucky to participate in a contest run by The Coil, where writers are invited to submit stories inspired by a historical print. When I saw this picture, I got so excited:

The ghost story. R.W. Buss, pinxt. R. Graves, A.R.A. sculpt. Available from the wellcome collection:

Immediately, I thought of a rebellious woman (my favorite subject), being disturbed as she read something wicked. I came up with the Emily Bronte angle after some research. And I’m so excited it found a home at The Coil! A big thanks to Leah and all the other folks at The Coil for ushering this through.

Here’s a free link to the story: “The Lion’s Bride”


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