Latest for Montclair Local: Writing Community, Pandemic Edition


Close up of basil plant in morning sunlight. Mel D. Sullivan.

Let’s face it.  Things are pretty terrible right now. Even I, an eternal optimist, have been struggling to see the glimmer of light ahead as anything other then an oncoming train.

But in this terrible time, I do think its important to note the good things that are happening:

  • summer mornings in the herb garden,
  • a late night virtual cocktails with a distant friend,
  • the piles and piles of books I keep ordering from my local bookstore…

So in that light, I am sharing my latest for Montclair Local, on how I’ve been successfully connecting with the writing community in new ways in these unprecedented times. Hopefully, it will give you some new ideas, too.

Montclair Local: Writing Community, Pandemic Edition

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